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Case Studies

Premier Horse Pool - Perth Western Australia

You can probably imagine the mess up to 100 racehorses make in a pool during their morning swimming sessions. High nutrient levels are unavoidable despite preventative wash down stations. Thick dusty coats and manure result in aggressive and persistent Algae formations accelerating chlorine consumption and increasing the probability of cross infection between horses while in the water. Pool Drops Plus, a unique and highly complexed copper algicide concentrate.

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Public Swimming Pools - Perth Western Australia

Most strains of Mustard and Blackspot Algae are resistant to chlorine and that's bad news for commercial pool managers. Chlorine is an effective sanitiser for bacteria but cannot be relied upon as a specialised algicide. Pool Drops Plus is utilised in Perth's three largest out door public pools to arrest the development of persistent algae where other algicidal treatments have failed.

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