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POOL BLOCKS ALL SEASONS ALGICIDE is an extra strength, slow release solid tablet algicide suitable for all chlorine and salt water pools.

Eliminating all forms of Green, Mustard and Blackspot Algae Long Term to deliver outstanding results in harsh environments.

Using POOL BLOCKS regularly Stops your Pool from Turning Green when Chlorine Levels Fall. Making Pool Care Simple while Saving you Money.

Sold since 1978 they have become one of Australia's most sold Premium Algicide Products.


  • Blackspot, Mustard & Green Algae Killer
  • Eliminate Algae from Walls, Grouting & Steps
  • Reduce Chlorine Consumption
  • Handy Monthly Slow Release Tablet
  • Ideal for Salt or Chlorine Pools
  • Long Life Algicide for Summer & Winter
  • Makes Pool Water Sparkling Clear


Pool Blocks 0.9 Kg are available online only. 


POOL BLOCKS eliminate all forms of green, mustard and Blackspot algae in all fibreglass, vinyl, tiled, painted and pebble swimming pools. Once all algae is eliminated from the pool, less chlorine is needed to maintain sanitiser levels as the chlorine is free to perform it's principal task of killing bacteria. Salt chlorinator and filter running times are reduced saving electricity as the water stays sparkling clear as all algae is eliminated even if the chlorine level falls.

The key to POOL BLOCKS is that the pool is protected from algae all year round as a first line of defence as algae problems occur readily in untreated pools. Chlorine is a short term treatment to kill bacteria and lost within hours, leaving pools exposed to algae growth. Research shows that a low level of free chlorine is more effective in combination with an algicide, than chorine alone. For best results, keep the pH 7.2 and 7.6, which is a simple task in most pools where surfaces are pH neutral.


In an average 50,000 litre pool, add two (2) POOL BLOCKS to the skimmer basket followed by just one (1) per calendar month to provide long term protection. This unique 'once a month' application provides a constant low level of algicide all year round and an ideal 'first step' in your pool care. In larger pools around 75,000 litres simply add three (3) POOL BLOCKS initially followed by one (1) POOL BLOCK every three weeks for excellent results.
POOL BLOCKS 0.9 Kg contains 3 x 300g tablets, lasting around three months in an average pool. 

POOL BLOCKS are used by commercial pools, hotels and local governments to control algae. They contain more than twice the active ingredient of most standard competitor products to ensure the longest possible treatment period.


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POOL BLOCKS ALGICIDE 0.9kg (3 x 300g blocks) - Including Express Postage

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