Simple Pool Care requires Accurate Water Testing. Pool And Spa water that is correctly balanced will be easy to maintain and save you money on chemical costs. 

AquaChek Test Strips for fast and Convenient Testing.

4 in 1 Test Kit for Comprehensive Testing with Acid and Alkilinity Demand.

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  • 15 Second Test Strips
  • 4 in 1 Comprehensive Test Kit
  • Download our Test Sheet pdf

AquaChek® YELLOW contains 50 Test Strips that test for Free Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity and Cyanuric Acid. They are as accurate as liquid test kits but faster and easier to use. AquaCheck® Test Strips are the worlds #1 brand of pool & spa test strips. The test pads on the strip change colour to indicate the levels in your pool or spa water. Each bottle contains an informational insert that provides some basic information about water chemistry. The water treatment tables will help you use your test results to adjust your water properly.

4 in 1 Test Kit contains everything you need for a comprehensive Free Chlorine / Bromine, pH & Total Alkilinity test. In addition, the 4 in 1 Test Kit accurately calculates the amount of Acid or Alkily(Sodium Bicarbonate) that you need to add to your pool or spa water to achieve correct water balance. Liquid test kits may take a few more minutes but deliver excellent results.

4 in 1 Testing Kit Waterco - Including Express Postage