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  • Drinking Water & Swimming Pools
  • Coagulates Turbid or Coloured Water
  • Potable Grade For All Water Types
  • 1 x Bloc Treats 10,000L to 50,000L

SWIMMING POOLS: - Use to Clarify Swimming Pool water and to Improve Sand Filter performance.

Place 1 x Floc-it-Bloc in the skimmer basket in a 50,000L Pool and leave until fully dissolved by the normal filtration cycle. Fine particles responsible for cloudy or discoloured water will become trapped in the sand filter which can then be backwashed to waste.  REPEAT DOSAGE: as required or monthly.

POTABLE WATER: - Use to coagulate low turbidity, coloured water or any other organic contamination.

Use 1 x 130g Floc-it-Bloc per *10,000L (Litres) up to 30,000L of water to coagulate fine particles responsible for cloudy or discoloured water. The block will dissolve slowly in still water or quickly when placed in high waterflow. The block will sink so it can be suspended in the water column using a float & netting. REPEAT DOSAGE: is not recommended unless the treated water volume was more than 10,000L as per the table above. Do not exceed the recommended maximum dose of 1 x 130g block per 10,000L.
AFTER TREATMENT: and before consuming or drinking, filter or treat the water to remove the resulting coagulated contaminants or by-products, as per the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.
*Do not treat less than 10 ,000 litres per 1 x 130g FLOC-IT-BLOCK dissolved as it is the maximum dosage per NHMRC 1982.


GENERAL INFORMATION:  FLOC-IT-BLOC is chlorine resistant and effective at most pH values (not just high pH like normal flocs). It coagulates fine particles responsible for cloudy or discoloured water which would normally  stay in suspension or pass through a standard filter. These larger particles either sink or float and should be removed or captured by a filter.


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2 x FLOC-IT-BLOC 130g Tablets - Including General Post

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