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POOL & SPA FLOCCULANT POTABLE 1Litre liquid - is an Effective Drinking Water Approved Coagulant for cleaning dirty, cloudy or green Swimming Pool, Spa or Tank water. It can be used to Floc or drop all debris to the pool floor for vacuuming or when used at half strength acts as a long term water clarifier.

It is a highly effective sand filter aid also suitable for cartridge and DE filters. POOL & SPA FLOCCULANT POTABLE is a versatile coagulant that binds fine particles together for removal in all pools, spas and drinking water tanks.


  • Drinking Water
  • Swimming Pools
  • Coagulates Turbid or Coloured Water
  • Potable Grade for All Water Types
  • Treats up to 50,000L 


Fine particles of dust and debris in the water are coagulated into much larger 'clumps' which are then trapped in the filtration system, which is especially the case in sand filters where fine particles can otherwise pass through. The product is Drinking Water (potable) Approved and can be used as per directions to clear tanks and dams.

Simply add diluted in a bucket or directly, either through the skimmer box with the filter running, adding superior clarity to the water.

The results are especially visible at night with the pool light operating as the water looks like a 'sheet of glass'.

The product is not broken down by chlorine, UV or sunlight and as such, each treatment lasts up to six months. Better still, there is no 'drop out effect' of material on the floor of the pool so no vacuuming is required after treatment, just regular backwashing.


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POOL & SPA FLOCCULANT POTABLE 1L - Including Express Postage

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