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SERIOUSTAIN INHIBITOR helps prevent staining by "Locking up" mineral discolouration caused by dissolved metals, bore water and iron leaching etc. Especially in heated pools where metals plate out easily onto the walls and floor. It contains no phosphate based acids that provide nutrient for algae unlike other products. Regular use also prevents scale build up on salt chlorinator electrodes. It is suitable for all pool & spa types. For high metal concentrations use after treatment with the SeriouStain Remover to chelate excess metals.


  • Prevent Mineral Staining
  • Suitable for Bore Water
  • Removes Fresh Stains

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It is easy to use, simply add directly to the pool water every six to twelve months to complex dissolved minerals and prevent staining. Suitable for all pools, it is an essential treatment where bore water is used to top up swimming pools, in especially in areas of high mineral hardness and where staining has occurred in the past. To remove existing mineral stains, follow a treatment with SERIOUSTAIN REMOVER to dissolve wall based minerals into solution and then use SERIOUSTAIN INHIBITOR to keep these minerals in solution and off pool surfaces.

B&L Pumps(WA) - Pump Shops - Independent Pool Shops - Selected Hardware Stores & Garden Centres around Australia.

2 x SERIOUSTAIN INHIBITORS 1.2kg (2 x 600g jars) - Including Express Postage

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