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Pond Waterblocs

Ponds & Aquariums

Waterblocs Ponds lakes dams

Waterblocs are a Natural Biological Treatment for Ponds, Lakes, Dams and Aquariums to CLEAR UP CLOUDY WATER.

Waterblocs are suitable for FRESH & SALT water systems where fish, turtles, plants, pets and other organisms live.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Place the recommended dose of Waterblocs underwater in an area with gentle or no water flow every three (3) months. Depending on water temperatures, Waterblocs will take several weeks to develop large populations of beneficial bacteria within the porous mineral substrate and around the ZEOLITE particles. Colonies of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria produce enzymes that consume organic waste, ammonia and unwanted nutrients that cause cloudy water that can deplete oxygen levels essential for aquatic life in a well balanced ecosystem. Best results are obtained when water temperature is 15 deg C and above, pH 7.0 with aeration to 3ppm dissolved oxygen.

RECOMMENDED DOSE: Increase dosages for stagnant waters, aquatic systems containing large amounts of organic waste 
& in problem areas.

Use one(1) x 10g Aquarium-bloc per 25L of water or per 0.2m2 of water surface area.

Use one(1) x 20g Mini-bloc per 50L to 100L of water or per 0.4m2 of water surface area.

Use one(1) x 100g Pond-bloc per 500L of water or per 2m2 of water surface area.

Use one(1) x 200g Multi-bloc per 1,000L of water or per 4m2 of water surface area.

Use one(1) x 1.2Kg Maxi-bloc per 5,000L of water or per 20m2 of water surface area.

Use one(1) x 6Kg Mega-bloc per 200,000L of water.

For larger water volumes see Lakes & Dams. 

AQUARIUMS – Totally or partially bury Waterblocs in aquarium gravel.
PONDS & LAKES – Apply Waterblocs to the bottom of the pond or float near the surface.

FOUNTAINS – Place in the water reservoir or in an area of low water turbulence.
TO TREAT SLUDGE – Place Waterblocs directly in the sludge layer to stimulate the growth of anaerobic bacteria that devours organic waste. They will slowly biodegrade leaving only a natural ZEOLITE residue 

beneficial to soils and harmless to the marine environment. 


PRECAUTION: After immersion in water and colonies of beneficial bacteria have developed, the product should only be handled with rubber gloves and use a protective mask. 
SAFETY DIRECTIONS: Do not consume. Keep out of reach of children. Wash hands after use. Waterblocs™ have not been certified for water that will be used for Human consumption.

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