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YooVee Ultraviolet CRS1E 180 L/min is a commercial ultraviolet (UV) water disinfection, mixing and aeration system. It is easy to install, operate and maintain. UV water treatment is a natural and efficient way to eliminate all harmful water borne Pathogenic (disease causing) Micro-organisms including all bacteria, viruses & protozoa.

YooVee is a Chemical Reduction System (CRS) that will reduce health risks associated with residues or chemical by-products from other chemical water treatment methods such as Chloramines. Aeration assists with oxygenation and pH control.

We use the same natural germicidal UV light as that produced by the sun. Untreated water is directed into the YooVee CRS1E chamber where the UV light penetrates and rearranges all the micro-organism's DNA preventing them from reproducing. If the cell cannot reproduce it is considered to be dead.

  • Ultraviolet Mixing & Aeration Chamber
  • Kills 99.9% Germs at 180 L/m
  • Affordable & Effective

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Powerful 254nm UV light destroys 99.9% of all water borne pathogens (germs) at a flow rate of 180L/min at 200kPa. Manifold for larger flows. (NATA Certified).

The electrical control box and chamber assembly are weatherproof for outdoor installations.

Tough and resistant polycarbonate chamber allows for safe visual monitoring of the UV lamp, aeration and water quality.

Installation is easy and completed by mounting the YooVee chamber and control box with brackets supplied. Plumb the water inlet & outlet before plugging in the power supply to finish.

Unique chamber design increases turbulence forcing water to pass close to the UV light 15 times enhancing UV irradiation. The unique Hydrodynamic flow reduces particulate matter from shading or blinding the pathogenic micro-organisms from the UV light. Making it suitable for non filtered and high turbidity water treatment applications.

The optional venturi allows for inline aeration. This combined with the chamber's unique hydrodynamic mixing action allows for ozone and other chemicals to be injected and fully dispersed into the treated water.

NATA CERITIFIED TESTING Kills 99.9% of Pathogens at 180 L/min


Please contact Algaefree Australia to order.

1 x YOOVEE STERILISER for 50,000L Pool at 10,000L per hour 99.9%

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