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OXYCLEAR Shock Treatment is a potent chlorine free oxygen based shock treatment for all swimming pools and spas. Use OXYCLEAR to restore peak water quality by breaking down chloramines and other sanitiser by-products as well as burning away organic contamination. OXYCLEAR is the simplest and most effective way to shock treat pools and spas. OXYCLEAR is the perfect companion for ionisers, UV, ozone and traditional chlorine and bromine systems.

  • Oxygen Shock Treatment - Chlorine Free
  • Oxidises Wastes and Sanitiser By-Products
  • Restores Water Sparkle
  • Recycles Bromine in Spas
  • Makes Chlorine Chemically in Salt Water Pools
  • Non Bleaching & Odourless

Large doses of expensive chlorine were required in the past to 'burn out' sanitiser by products such as chloramine and bromamine, however such harsh chlorine treatments makes pool water unusable for days. OXYCLEAR was first developed for commercial pools as this fast and effective treatment uses a mild oxygen compound (monopersulphate) to oxidise residues and the water can be used immediately as there is no taste or smell to the treatment. It quickly breaks down organic contaminants such as chloramine, bromamine, trihalomethane (a carcinogen) as well as organic oils, sunscreens and other biological contaminants.

This makes OXYCLEAR ideal in the swimming months where the pool or spa is used daily. Several oxygen based shock treatments contain inert fillers such as sodium bicarbonate or are based on alkaline compounds such as sodium carbonate (soda ash) which dramatically lifts the pH of the water. OXYCLEAR is 100% active ingredient and does not interfere with the pH. For swimming pools add 500g per 50,000 litres each month or in spas, add 50g per 1,000 litres after each use. The product is packaged in a large 1.5 Kg for economy and provides many months treatment in both pools and spas. The product regenerates free chlorine in salt pools, however OXYCLEAR is not an approved sanitiser so always maintain recommended sanitiser levels when swimming.

B&L Pumps(WA) - Pump Shops - Independent Pool Shops - Selected Hardware Stores & Garden Centres around Australia.

1 x OXYCLEAR OXYGEN SHOCK 4kg - Including Standard Postage

$130.00 Regular Price
$117.00Sale Price
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