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Heavy Duty SERIOUSTAIN REMOVER eliminates mineral discolouration and organic stains from pools & spa surfaces without draining the water. Potent organic acids combined with powerful chelating agents dissolve mineral stains such as iron, calcium, manganese etc. Plus stains from algae, dead blackspot, leaves and other organic material are also removed. It is a DIY pool treatment suitable for all vinyl, fibreglass, concrete and pebblecrete pool & spa surfaces


  • DIY Pool Treatment
  • Removes Organic & Mineral Staining
  • No Need to Drain Water

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The product is easy to use, simply backwash the filter and turn off the pump, then add 2 x 1.25 Kg containers in an average 50,000 litre pool and leave stand for two to three days. To boost the performance of the treatment, first add some hydrochloric acid to lower the pH of the pool, which allows the SERIOUSTAN REMOVR to be most effective in removing stubborn mineral deposits. Suitable for all pools, this treatment removes all minerals such as calcium, iron, copper, manganese and also is effective at removing dead blackspot stains after a treatment with our unique algicide products POOL BLOCKS or POOL DROPS Plus.

Bunnings - B&L Pumps(WA) - Pump Shops - Independent Pool Shops - Selected Hardware Stores & Garden Centres around Australia.

SeriouStain Remover

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