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SPOTBLOC is a Unique Spot Stain Removal Chalk that dissolves metal and organic stains from underwater surfaces. Ideal for removing the waterline scum mark or any other underwater spot stains. SPOTBLOC is a blend of Special Acids and Chelating Agents with Block Technology.


  • Simply Rub on Powerful Chalk
  • or Just Place Block Over a Stain
  • Remove Calcium Scum Line
  • Remove Annoying Organic and Metal Stains
  • Use above Water on Paving and Stone


Identify the stains to be removed and you will need to be able to reach the stain with your hands or use the Block Holder.  Then simply rub SPOTBLOC on to the stain. Use a criss-cross pattern to build up a thin layer of SPOTBLOC's unique stain removing chalk over the stain. Check stain after 24 hours and reapply if necessary, severe or old stains may require several treatments. When finished place SPOTBLOC in a safe place away from children to dry before putting back into the container.

All Good Pool Shops, Selected Hardware Stores & Garden Centres around Australia. Contact us direct for a distributor near you, if none available purchase online.


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1 x SPOTBLOC STAIN ERASER 400g jar - Including Express Postage

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