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  • 1. Pool Blocks Algicide

    POOL BLOCKS All SEASONS ALGICIDE is an extra strength, slow release solid tablet algicide suitable for all chlorine and salt water pools.

    Eliminating all forms of Green, Mustard and Blackspot Algae Long Term to deliver outstanding results in harsh...

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  • 1. Pool Drops Algicide

    POOL DROPS PLUS is an extra strength, long term algicide compatible with salt water, ozone, ultraviolet and chlorine outdoor pools.

    Eliminating all forms of Green, Mustard and Blackspot Algae Long Term to deliver outstanding results in harsh...

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  • 1. SeriouStain Remover

    Heavy Duty SERIOUSTAIN REMOVER eliminates mineral discolouration and organic stains from pools & spa surfaces without draining the water. Potent organic acids combined with powerful chelating agents dissolve mineral stains such as iron, calcium, manganese etc. Plus stains from algae, dead...

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  • 1. SpotBloc Stain Eraser

    SPOTBLOC is a Unique Spot Stain Removal Chalk that dissolves metal and organic stains from underwater surfaces. Ideal for removing the waterline scum mark or any other underwater spot stains. SPOTBLOC is a blend of Special Acids and Chelating Agents with Block Technology.

    The BLOCK...

    RRP$35.50 Shop
  • 1. Waterblocs

    A Natural Biological Treatment for Ponds, Lakes, Dams and Aquariums.

    Waterblocs are a specially formulated porous mineral substrate containing multiple nutrients to promote the rapid growth of beneficial bacteria when immersed in aquatic water...

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  • 2. SeriouStain Inhibitor

    SERIOUSTAIN INHIBITOR helps prevent staining by "Locking up" mineral discolouration caused by dissolved metals, bore water and iron leaching etc. Especially in heated pools where metals plate out easily onto the walls and floor. It contains no phosphate based acids that provide nutrient for...

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  • 2. Testing Kits

    Simple Pool Care requires Accurate Water Testing. Pool And Spa water that is correctly balanced will be easy to maintain and save you money on chemical costs. 

    AquaChek Test Strips for fast and Convenient Testing.

    4 in 1 Test Kit for...

    RRP$15.00 Shop

    2WAY FLOATING DISPENSER Uses Both Algicide Bocks + Chlorine/Bromine Tablets in a Single Refillable Floating Dispenser. Giving Better Results than Chlorine/Bromine alone. Pool Blocks Algicide blocks Specifically Target Blackspot, Slime & Algae. An...

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  • 3. Oxyclear Oxygen Shock

    OXYCLEAR Shock Treatment is a potent chlorine free oxygen based shock treatment for all swimming pools and spas. Use OXYCLEAR to restore peak water quality by breaking down chloramines and other sanitiser by-products as well as burning away organic...

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  • 3. Pool & Spa Flocculant

    POOL & SPA FLOCCULANT POTABLE is an Effective Drinking Water Approved Coagulant for cleaning dirty, cloudy or green pool or tank water. It can be used to Floc or drop all debris to the pool floor for vacuuming.

    When used at half strength acts as a long...

    RRP$28.00 Shop
  • 3. YooVee UV Steriliser

    www.yoovee.com.au YooVee Ultraviolet CRS1E 180 L/min is a commercial ultraviolet (UV) water disinfection, mixing and aeration system. It is easy to install, operate and maintain. UV water treatment is a natural and efficient way to...

    RRP$1795.00 Shop
  • 4. New - EnviroPouch

    Patented Natural Biological Treatment for Ponds, Lakes, Dams and Aquariums.

    EnviroPouchTM are a specially formulated granular mineral substrate in a porous pouch or satchel. They contain a special blend of nutrients and trace elements to promote the rapid growth of...

    RRP$25.00 Shop
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