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1. Waterblocs

A Natural Biological Treatment for Ponds, Lakes, Dams and Aquariums. Waterblocs are a specially...

1. Waterblocs

A Natural Biological Treatment for Ponds, Lakes, Dams and Aquariums.

Waterblocs are a specially formulated porous mineral substrate containing multiple nutrients to promote the rapid growth of beneficial bacteria when immersed in aquatic water systems.

Waterblocs are suitable for water systems where fish, turtles, plants, pets and other organisms live. However Waterblocs have not been certified for water that will be used for Human consumption.

Colonies of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria produce enzymes that consume organic waste, ammonia and unwanted nutrients that cause cloudy water that can deplete oxygen levels essential for aquatic life in a well balanced ecosystem. They will reduce the frequency of water changes in fish farms and aquariums. Ponds and lakes are dosed at the start of each season.

<< Download pdf Brochure with Visual Test Data & Direction for Use.


  • Biodegradable porous mineral substrate with ZEOLITE*
  • Helps prevent oxygen depletion and precipitate organic matter
  • Contains multiple organic and mineral nutrients for bacterial colonies
  • Promotes rapid growth of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria
  • Stimulates anaerobic bacteria growth for sludge reduction
  • Promotes aerobic bacteria to consume excessive nutrients
  • Buffers pH and adsorbs ammonia and dissolved heavy metals
  • Suitable in salt or fresh water for all fish, plants and organisms
  • Flotation & Netting System

Water bodies clogged with decaying organic matter and sludge become oxygen depleted creating a toxic bottom layer of stagnant water unsuitable for fish and aquatic organisms. Waterblocs TM contain *ZEOLITE that has a unique atomic microcellular structure to increase internal substrate surface area and chemically adsorb ammonia and natural trace elements providing additional nutrients for colonies of beneficial bacteria that restore water balance. Waterblocs do not support combustion and have a long storage life.

Depending on where Waterblocs are suspended within a water column they will encourage the growth of a broad spectrum of aerobic bacteria in upper surface layers and in the absence of oxygen, anaerobic bacteria in fish toxic lower regions. Enzymes produced reduce sludge without undesirable by-products including smelly hydrogen sulphide and methane gases.For International

                          *** DOSAGES & TREATMENT RATES ***

International & Commercial Customers please contact us on email.

Increase dosages for stagnant waters, aquatic systems containing large amounts of organic waste & in problem areas.

AQUARIUMS - Totally or partially bury Waterblocs® in aquarium gravel.
1 x Mini-Bloc per 50 Litre (US 13gal) and up to 100 Litres (US 26gal) of water.

PONDS - Apply Waterblocs® to the bottom of the pond or use netting with sponges and float near the surface.
5 x Mini-Blocs / 1 x Multi-Bloc per 5m2 or 1000L (US 6yards2/264gal) of water.

LAKES & DAMS - Best results are obtained from floating Waterblocs® in surface water using the Netting System. Additional Waterblocs® may be cast or placed directly into the sludge layer at 1 metre (US 1 yard) intervals.
4 x Multi-Bloc / 1 x Maxi-Bloc per 20m2 or 5,000L (US 23 yards2/1320gal) of water.

For Larger Lakes and Dams please see Commercial Information for a MAXI-BLOCS TREATMENT GRID for 900m2 on our YooVee website at  http://www.yoovee.com.au/product.php?id=51

                                      *** PRODUCT SIZES ***

MAXI-BLOCS Lake Pack 4.8kg (US 10lb9oz):
4 X 1.2Kg Maxi-Blocs (US 4 X 2lb10oz)
10m (US 11yards) of Netting
2 X Floats

MULTI_BLOCS Jar 800g (US 28oz):
4 x 200g Multi-Blocs (US 4 X 7oz)
2 x Sponges
2m (US 7feet) of Netting
1 Float

MINI-BLOCS Jar 200g (US 7oz):
10 x 20g Mini-Blocs (US 10 X 0.7oz)

Bunnings - Those Pool Guys Jolimont WA - Select Landmark Shops - Independent Shops - Selected Hardware Stores & Garden Centres around Australia. Contact us direct for a distributor near you.

2 X MINI-BLOCS Jar Net 200g - DELIVERED AUST WIDE - AustPost Satchel




4 X MAXI-BLOCS Only Net 4.8kg - DELIVERED AUSTRALIA WIDE - AustPost Satchel


1 X MAXI-BLOCS Lake Pack (Includes 4 X 1.2kg Blocs, Floats, Netting) Net 4.8kg - DELIVERED AUSTRALIA WIDE - AustPost Satchel


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