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Algaefree are Western Australian manufactures of superior quality water treatment products that out perform all others. Algaefree produces the world's best performing Solid Tablet Algicide, High Strength Liquid Algicides, Stain Removers and YooVeeTM Ultraviolet Water Steriliser.

Our products are used in Domestic and Commercial Pools & Spas, by Industry, Aquaculture, Zoos and Leading Hotels and Resorts around the world. We are a family business that provides the best possible service and advice. Feel free to visit one of our dealers, resellers or contact us direct.

Pool Care Solutions

Pool Care Solutions

Pool Care can be easy if you follow a few simple steps to keep your pool in top condition all year round without the need for many expensive pool chemicals or complex water monitoring.

Pool Blocks and YooVee

Eliminate Algae

Stop your pool from turning green and eliminate all types of algae. High strength algicides reduce chlorine consumption and kill blackspot algae. You will save money and have sparkling clear pool water.

Chemifree Ozone Technology

Stain Removal

SpotBlocTM is a unique underwater chalk for spot stain and water scum line removal. The SeriouStainTM Remover range is a DIY system for all organic and mineral staining problems without draining the pool water.

100% Secure Shopping

100% Secure Shopping

Algaefree products are available throughout Australia & Internationally from dealers and retail outlets. If you are unable to visit a store then you are welcome to purchase using our convenient and secure online shopping system.

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